OREANDA-NEWS. L&T has been ranked first in the industrial category in India in a study conducted by the UK-based organization - Env'ronment Investment Organization (EIO). Further, the report ranked L&T second in the industrial category among BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries, 12th amid BRICS 300 companies and 84th globally.

Carbon ranking is a measure of an organization’s transparency, and provides the investment community with a tool to appraise levels of disclosure.

The Environmental Tracking Carbon Ranking series is a public database and includes companies based on their market size. This examines the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and transparency of the world’s 800 largest companies.

The EIO placed firms in four categories based on their disclosure and verification mechanisms for carbon emissions. Firms in each category were then ranked in terms of their carbon intensity. L&T featured in the top category of firms whose disclosures on Green House Gas emissions met the highest criteria of being ‘Public, Complete and Independently Verified’.

L&T has been consistently reporting all aspects of governance, economic, social and environmental performance as per GRI (Global Reporting Initiatives) guidelines and all reports are ‘GRI Checked A+’, demonstrating highest level of disclosure. The ranking validates L&T’s support to a low carbon economy.