OREANDA-NEWS. June 04, 2013. The 8th Uzbekistan Agrominitech Expo-2013 international specialized sales exposition of mini technologies and compact equipment along with the 2nd Uzbekistan Agrotechmash Expo-2013 international specialized exposition of agricultural hardware, machines and equipment are currently underway at the Uzexpocenter.

At the occasions organized jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade, the Trade and Industry Chamber and the Council of Farmers of Uzbekistan, exhibited are the compact equipment for reprocessing agricultural produce, packaging mini technologies, hardware for livestock husbandry, poultry farming, beekeeping and horticulture, mini hardware and equipment for laying-in of fodder, gardening and viticulture, astrakhan sheep breeding and reprocessing leather, the establishment of hothouse market-gardening, as well as chemicals for safeguarding plants.

On the second day of the expositions with cutting-edge technologies and equipment, the hardware are reviewed and purchased by agriculture entrepreneurs fr om the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the Kashkadarya and Surkhandarya regions as well as the capital Tashkent.

Karakalpakstan houses 1,600 multi-purpose farming enterprises. They have been growing in number owing to this kind of expositions; after all, nearly 40 farmers have concluded agreements with a diversity of companies to procure technologies for the development of livestock husbandry and poultry farming.

600 cows, 20 horses, 12 camels and more than 3 thousand poultry are nurtured at the Bakht farming enterprise headed by Ibragim Kholyorov in Karshi district. Up to 3 tons of milk is extracted here per day, which is reprocessed right at the premises to produce quality dairy of nine types. The enterprise includes also a bakery, a pasta production line, a public services unit – all outfitted with modern equipment. During the current sales exposition, in order to boost the volume and the range of goods and improve their quality, the farmer has purchased a mini technology to generate meat products.

“Back in 2011, we planted an intensive garden on 10 hectares of land and harvested 40 tons of yields last year,” says Abdurahmon Ahmedov, the head of multi-purpose farming enterprise Abdurahmon Abdughaffor Davr in Sariosiyo district. “We reached deal at the time to construct a fridge with a capacity of 2 thousand tons. And today, we have signed an agreement with the French company Mercier to set up a vineyard on 10 hectares. Also, we have obtained pasta production equipment.”

The France-based Les Pepiniere du Comtat presents in excess of three hundred sorts of grape grafts at the exhibition.

“Uzbekistan’s achievements in promoting all spheres have been considerable,” the company’s CEO Jean-Francois Varnier says. “It can be seen in the case of the immense significance being attached to the further uplifting the quality of life and wellbeing of the people. The grafts of grapes offered by us will yield the first harvest in the third year [of husbandry] and the full crop in the fifth year following the planting.”

The pavilions presenting alternative energy sources are especially crowded with visitors. In accordance with President Islam Karimov’s decree stipulating measures to bolster the use and development of alternative power sources inked March 1 of the current year, the producers and consumers of such energy sources are offered tax and customs privileges – an additional stimulus for the entrepreneurs’ growing interest in this sector.

“The extensive use of such types of energy sources as the sun, wind, and biogas is instrumental in the uninterrupted supply of power to economy sectors and the protection of environment,” says Hafiz Kuchkarov, director of Tashkent-based Kuchlanish va Kuvvat lim ited liability company. “We manufacture solar batteries capable of generating power from 300 watts up to 20 kilowatts. In addition, we offer water-intake engines with cleaning function. By this time, we have already concluded around 50 agreements.”

The expositions include also presentations of foreign-made technologies, specialized seminars and meetings for farmers.