OREANDA-NEWS. June 05, 2013. The First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov intends to organize regular meetings with foreign ambassadors to discuss prevention of violations of investor property right.

“Taking into account the peculiar attention being paid in the Program of activization of the economic development for 2013-2014 to improvement of investment climate, the protection of property rights of foreign entrepreneurs will be guaranteed,” Serhiy Arbuzov emphasized. 

In this connection the First Vice Prime Minister plans within nearest time already to hold regular meetings with foreign ambassadors and with joining efforts to solve issues concerning complaints of foreign investors on shameful cases of takeover of their enterprises. So, first meetings were planned this year with ambassadors of the EU states.  

Serhiy Arbuzov considers such cooperation will help to improve the investment climate and draw foreign business to Ukraine. Moreover, he emphasized that resuming and stirring up of activity of inter-departmental commission for the protection of investor rights, counteraction to illegal merger or takeover of enterprises would contribute to prevention takeover of foreign companies.

The decision on resuming of work of the Commission was adopted at a Government’s session. Reformatting of its composition was done by a relevant resolution. In particular, the Commission is chaired by the First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov. Besides, general status of this body was raised. Now the leadership of the mentioned body comprises top persons of ministries and departments instead of their deputies as it has been before. The mentioned actions will facilitate to more effective operating of this body.