OREANDA-NEWS. Specialists of KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT of Metinvest Group developed the concept of new-model-type plastic protector, which not only provides full protection of pipe bevel, but also compares favorably with metal one. With the substitution of metal protectors by plastic ones, the Enterprise only in May saved more than 23 thous. UAH.

New plastic protectors are multifunctional. Due to the corrugated surface, they can be fixed at any wall thicknesses. Their external part elongates, and internal one compresses through spring-elastic properties of the corrugation. As products are seamless, they do for any pipe diameter.

New protectors are almost 4 times less expensive than previously used ones. Another advantage of the new protectors is their light weight (about 1.8 kg). They are nearly three times lighter than metal ones, which had to be delivered to the installation site using a crane.

Today pipe shipment takes far less time than before: clamps and bandages used during the installation of metal protectors are not necessary, production fit for shipment directly from the stock. Furthermore incidents under the shipment are almost reduced to nothing, because new protectors crabbed to the pipe bevel safely.

Current market apposes specific target, that is to meet customers requirements, - Pavel Uzbek, Acting Director General of PJSC KHARTSYZSK PIPE comments on. KHARTSYZSK PIPE PLANT of Metinvest Group is customer-oriented enterprise, so we every day promote value creation for our customers, promptly implement initiatives to cut costs, save resources and to do mentioned we make the best use of plant employees. KHARTSYZSK PIPE effectively implements such program as Lean enterprise, plant workers ideas bring high economic benefit, and suggestion with protectors substitution is the eloquent evidence.