OREANDA-NEWS. Anatoly Predtechensky has been appointed Advisor to the First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of NOMOS-BANK. In this position he will be responsible for risk management and compliance at the Bank. Concurrently, his candidature is being submitted for approval to the Bank of Russia for the post of Deputy Chairman of the Management Board.

Anatoly has more than fifteen years of experience in banking. He has worked with Financial Corporation Otkritie since 2008. In 2010, he was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Otkritie Bank. Prior to that, he held the position of Director of the credit department at the Intesa bank. Anatoly was also involved in the implementation of risk-management system at TransCreditBank and at banking subsidiaries of the Group.

“These changes are a continuation of the consolidation of NOMOS-BANK within the structure of Financial Corporation Otkritie. I consider Anatoly’s performance in the Corporation very highly. He has experience of implementation of an effective risk-management system, including during the consolidation period. This is especially valuable expertise which I am sure will enhance the efficiency of the entire business and will strengthen controls over internal and external risks,” said Dmitry Romaev, First Deputy President and Member of the Management Board of NOMOS-BANK.