OREANDA-NEWS. June 10, 2013. Recently, the 9th Annual Conference for Chinese Financial Experts jointly sponsored by China Finance Net and China Finance Research Institute was held solemnly in Beijing , and the appraisal results of 2012 Brand Rankings of Chinese Finance Industry and 2012 Financial Figures were revealed at the conference respectively. Industrial Bank (IB) won the “2012 Green Bank Prize” in the 2012 Brand Rankings and Board Chairman Gao Jianping and President Li Renjie of IB were honored the “2012 Innovative Banker” and the “2012 Chinese Banking Figure” respectively.

Green, energy conservation, and environmental protection were the indispensable ideas for the “Construction of Beautiful China” proposed in the 18th CPC National Congress. In the field of finance, with a range of policies, such as the Guiding Opinions on the Credit Extension for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction and Green Credit Guidelines, being issued, green finance has witnessed flourishing development in China. Upon the mention of green finance, what is often mentioned first is the first Chinese Equator bank–IB.

The judging panel believed: as the earliest bank developing the business of green finance at home, green finance has become one of the most eye-catching business cards of IB. Behind the business card are the sustained efforts in the field of green finance made by IB for years.” Just considering the outstanding performance of IB in the field of green finance, the judging panel decided to award the “2012 Green Bank Prize” to IB.