OREANDA-NEWS. June 11, 2013. The 42nd World Environment Day celebrated. Centering on the theme of “Share the Common Fate and Work Together” of the World Environment Day in China, people all over the country positively construct the great atmosphere for building the beautiful China that everybody benefits from and is responsible for. TISCO, as a responsible corporate citizenship, will center on its stated target of building TISCO into the model of the green steel works in the world, scale up its efforts to improve the green development level in TISCO and strive for the beautiful China with bluer sky, greener land and cleaner water.
In order to improve the green development level in TISCO, the backward production methods must be eliminated, the cleaner production must be realized by green manufacturing. Since the beginning of this century, the backward melting and rolling facilities such as the small coke ovens, blast furnaces, sintering machines and electric arc furnaces in TISCO have been phased out and replaced by the most advanced process technologies and equipment in the world. The technological transformation and upgrading for the whole processes is finished. At the same time, TISCO has invested about ten billions yuan to build 132 energy-saving an environment protection projects, the pattern of energy saving and pollutant reduction for the whole process has been established, the circular economy industrial chain of solid, liquid and gaseous wastes has been formed, the efficient cyclic utilization of waste water, acids, gases, slag and heat has been realized in TISCO. During this period, TISCO takes the lead in integrating the most advanced energy-saving and environment protection technologies in the world and accumulates experiences for the popularization and application of energy saving and pollutant reduction technologies in the steel industry. Next, we will speed up the construction of the key technological upgrading projects of stainless steel cold tandem rolling mill, silicon steel cold tandem rolling mill, plate production line and the wire production line as well as their supporting projects for energy-saving and environmental protection. At the same time, we will strengthen the energy-saving and environmental protection management of the whole process, do well in the prospective work for control of PM 2.5 and realize the high level and sustainable cleaner production.
In order to improve the green development level in TISCO, we must speed up the R&D of new products for the high-end market and provide green products for the customers. TISCO has given high priority to optimizing the product structure, concentrated on the R&D of stainless steel, cold rolled silicon steel and high-strength and high-toughness steels with high-temperature and high-pressure resistant, corrosion resistant, and ultra low temperature resistant properties over the years, the optimization and upgrading of the structure of the steel product varieties has been realized. The lightweight, endurable and recoverable green steel products produced by TISCO have been widely used in the railway, automobile, shipbuilding, power generation, petrochemical, aviation and precision manufacturing fields. Among them, 29 products occupy the highest position in the domestic market, 36 products substituted for the imported ones, filled the domestic gap and provided strong support for the transformation and upgrading of the downstream industries. In the future we will keep on innovating, developing new technologies and processes, expanding the market and promoting the development of featured and high-end products. At the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the featured and high-end products will account for 90% of the whole products; TISCO will be the green steel producer with the most distinctive features of the products in the world.
We will focus on realizing the functional complementation and harmony with the city and propel the transformation of the tiny circulation in the enterprise into the social wide circulation by green industry in order to improve the green development level in TISCO. Through the independent innovation, TISCO has a number of advanced technologies for energy-saving and emissions reduction with independent intellectual property right and has transferred them to the relevant industries at lower cost to help the whole society improve the green development level. TISCO actively strengthens the conversion and utilization of energy resources and the treatment and recycling function of urban wastes by adopting the advanced technologies and effectively improves the urban function system by the exploitation and utilization of the “urban mines”. In the future we will speed up the transformation from the getter and beneficiary to the innovator and exporter of green development and high-tech technologies, and make the engineering technology industrialization of energy-saving and emissions reduction the most potential growth pole in TISCO. We will accelerate the implementation of the project for the comprehensive utilization of urban wastes, work hard to develop the urban mines and integrate the utilization of the urban waste energy and heat into the social wide circulation of the urban resources utilization. We will keep doing well in the greening of the plant area and build TISCO into a world-class ecotype steel producer.
In order to improve the green development level in TISCO, we must translate the strategy of the company into the concrete measures of the subsidiaries and the day-to-day actions of the employees. Leaders at all level must regard the energy-saving and environment protection as the premise and the foundation for the enterprise survival and development, pay adequate attention to energy saving and environmental protection work, promote the green, cyclic and low carbon development in TISCO. All the employees should deeply understand the theme of the 42nd World Environment Day—“Think. Eat. Save”, strengthen the awareness of conservation, environment protection and ecology, form more healthy-reasonable life-style and consumption mode. Let’s work together to build TISCO into the model of green steel works in the world and construct China into a beautiful country with blue air, green land and clean water, and make joint endeavors to protect the planet Earth, our common home.