OREANDA-NEWS. June 13, 2013. Unibank has increased the volume of credits to physical persons by 34.6% for the 1st quarter of 2013 as compared with the same period of the last year.

By the reporting date the volume of credits to physical persons made 39.3 billion AMD. According to the financial rating of banks of Armenia made by ArmInfo agency, Unibank is in top 5 banks of RA by consumer credit portfolio.

Unibank is focusing at consumer crediting and increasing quality and speed of service. In view of automatizing the processes and credit risks estimation by the modern model the Bank has launched management system of Salesforce American company. The new system has allowed significantly to shorten credit operations processing.

From now on in Unibank consumer credit is processed instantly.

Unibank offers physical persons consumer credits both in cash and non-cash form. The most demanded products are consumer credits “U-Technics” and “Express in cash”.

Credit “U-Technics” the sum of which is up to 1 mln AMD is given for purchasing household appliances for a period of 36 months. The long period considerably increases the accessability of credit for wider levels of the population reducing the sum of monthly payments on credit. The popularity of the credit among the population is conditioned with specific advantages: prepayment – 0%, commission – 0%, low interest rate – from 20%. If a client has good credit history and credit sum does not exceed 300.000 AMD credit is processed by producing only passport and social card. In case the credit sum is over 300.000 AMD it is necessary also to produce reference about position and salary. Credit can be procesed both in 44 branches of Unibank and trade points of the big net partners of the Bank such as Vega, Zigzag, Mobile Center, Orange, Vivacell, Aray, Technolofe, Vesta, Nix, Samsung, Rich Computers, and Fine.

In the sphere of consumer crediting the Bank co-operates with more than 320 partners.

The main advantage of credit product “Express in cash” is efficiency and convenience in financing. The credit is given to clients in cash on the day of applying to the Bank. For processing “Express credit in cash” one should produce passport and social card. The principal requirement of the Bank is absence of bad credit history. Credit sum is up to 500.000 AMD, credit period – up to 24 months. All borrowers are given banking card with credit limit of 500.000 AMD and possibility of making use of up to 40% discount in shops. We would like to remind that discounts are given to Unibank cardholders within Magnis loyalty program and considerably reduce customers’ expenses. Today the program catalogue comprises 201 brands which are represented in Armenia via 310 stores and service points. The partnership is defined by a special sticker with “Magnis” logo placed at the entrance or cash-desk of the companies. The partners’ offers are placed at www.magnis.am.