OREANDA-NEWS. June 14, 2013. Following an order by the Government of the Russian Federation, Deputy Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia) Andrey Tsyganov joined the Sub-Commission for Sustainable Development of Russian Economy, of the Government Commission on Economic Development and Integration.

Other members of the Sub-Commission include Sergey Belyakov, Deputy Minister for Economic Development; Oleg Belozyorov, Deputy Minister of Transport; Ruslan Davydov, Deputy Head of the Federal Tariff Service; Andrey Zheregyelya, Stats-Secretary, Deputy Head of Rosgranitsa [the Federal Agency for the Development of the State Border Facilities]; Boris Murashov, Deputy Head of Gosstroi [the Federal Agency for Construction and Housing & Utilities Sector], and Andrey Nikitin, General Director of the “Strategic Initiatives Agency for Promoting New Projects” Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization.

The Government Commission on Economic Development and Integration is a permanent body coordinating activities of executive bodies and their interaction with representatives of academia and non-government organizations, entrepreneurial community in devising and implementing measures aimed at: sustainable development of economics and certain industries in financial and real sectors; protection of domestic market, particularly by using the instruments of customs-and-tariff and non-tariff regulation, and foreign trade countermeasures against discriminatory actions from other states; economic integration, mutually beneficial cooperation of the Russian Federation with the CIS member-states and other integration associations formed within the Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as with the European Union, Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the Association of South-East Asian Nations, and member-states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation; full membership of the Russian Federation in the World Trade Organization and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development; the national policy on technical regulation and protection of intellectual property rights.

The Commission forms Sub-Commissions in such fields as:

1) Sustainable development of Russian economy;

2) Customs-and-tariff and non-tariff regulation, protective measures in foreign trade;

3) Economic integration;

4) Technical regulation and preventing intellectual property violations;

Members of the Sub-Commission are approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The Sub-Commissions Regulations are approved by the Commission Chairman upon representations from the Heads of Sub-Commissions.