OREANDA-NEWS. June 14, 2013. Usually, any government uses the first 100 days of its work to develop strategies, identify priorities and mechanisms of their implementation, Premier Iurie Leanca noted. However, as far as there remains only a year and a half before the end of the powers of the present Cabinet ministers, they established tasks of the highest priority, which, when implemented, would prove capability of the government supported by parliament to make progress and achieve the goals set. Creation of jobs is of extremely importance, the Premier says, to prevent the outflow of citizens of Moldova, especially those young.

Within the first days of its work, the government is going to have about 130 kilometres of roads rehabilitated, Iurie Leanca stresses. According to him, thanks to the previous and the present government, Moldova is turning into a grandiose building site. The road rehabilitation works have been fulfilled by over 500 people. In the first 100 days, the government is planning to sign an agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank on loans of EUR 300 million for reconstruction of national roads. Thanks to them, close to 360 kilometres of national roads will be rehabilitated and 2,000 new jobs will be created, the Premier says. Special attention will be given to development of the private sector and support to SME. Grants and lax credits will be provided at least to100 companies under PARE 1+1, PNAED, IFAD and other programs.

In this respect, privileges will be chiefly granted to young people and migrants who want to open or extend their business, which, at the end of the day, will help create many new jobs. As for governmental support to agriculture, within this period farmers will be provided with subventions at an amount of MDL 150 million, which will allow attracting extra investment of MDL 600 million and create 5,000 jobs in rural areas, the Premier explains. The investment is going to be allotted for irrigation, procurement of farming machines and equipment, development of post-harvesting infrastructure and other purposes.

The government is also intended to have the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline constructed to provide Moldova with alternative gas supply at a more competitive price, to ensure energy security and create new jobs. Besides, the government is going to focus on creation of more favourable business environment in order to attract domestic and foreign investors to the national economy. As for the anti-corruption campaign, the government is going to pursue justice and law enforcement reforms to avert politicization of these agencies and make them act within the law. The government will continue implementing ambitious goals for putting into practice electronic services for less corruption and bureaucracy. It is going to have the system of e-payment for public services launched soon and Moldovans will be able to pay for them on-line and in few seconds, which will reduce the service cost and help to eradicate corruption.

The premier stressed that the further reforming of the police is also essential and pointed out that there are 2.3 thousand of vacancies to be filled in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As for the European agenda of Moldova, Iurie Leanca reminded he is going to pay a visit to Brussels to meet the EU and NATO officials and have priority items on the agenda of RM and the EU identified. The premier stressed that the talks with the EU on DCFTA have to be rounded off for the preparatory stage for initialling of the documents to be announced at the sitting of the RM and EU Cooperation Council on June, 25.