OREANDA-NEWS. June 19, 2013. Since January 2013, more than 1400 borrowers, who decided to take loan to purchase a car, have chosen PRAVEX-BANK as a banking partner. It became possible due to a wide range of special offers, attractive standard program and a long list of partners among car dealer networks.

Except for attractive financing terms, the Bank clients will receive high-quality service throughout the loan maturity, they may be confident in transparency of terms, offered by the Bank, namely absence of hidden payments or commission in the process of loan repayment. Beside standard offers, PRAVEX-BANK has common programs with all major players on the car market of Ukraine — Ukravto, AIS, Bogdan-Avto, Winner and others, which allows clients to receive more loyal terms for specific car brands than in terms of standard programs.

"We carefully follow the market and its changes; as a result, we constantly update our programs and offers with additional options in order to provide our borrowers with interesting and beneficial conditions", commented Semion Babayev, Head of Retail Department of PRAVEX-BANK.