OREANDA-NEWS. June 19, 2013. The 7th meeting of the sixth supervisory committee of Chongqing Iron & Steel Company Limited (the “Company”) was held at the No.2 Conference Room, 3/F., the Management Building, No.1 of Gangcheng Avenue, Changshou Economic & Technological Development Zone, Chongqing, the PRC.

All 5 supervisors attended the meeting, which was convened and chaired by Mr. Li Zheng. The meeting was convened and held in accordance with the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations and the provisions of the Articles of Association of the Company.

Upon careful consideration by the supervisors, Mr. Xia Tong was elected as the chairman of the sixth supervisory committee of the Company by way of poll, with 5 votes for and 0 vote against and 0 abstention.