OREANDA-NEWS. Last year the Bank announced and began the implementation of its Comprehensive Recapitalization Plan toward a full repayment of public funds over time which will benefit all of its shareholders (the “Recapitalization Plan”). Amendments to the Bank's Articles of Incorporation were approved at a general meeting of shareholders held in June 2013. As a result, the Bank will begin the quarterly payment of dividends to common and preferred shareholders from the first quarter of FY2013 as part of the Recapitalization Plan.

The Bank’s Board of Directors approved dividend payments from retained earnings for the first quarter of FY2013. As this is not a year-end payment, the Bank has approved a quarterly dividend per share to common shareholders of 3 yen, which is slightly more conservative than 3.5 yen, or 25% of the 14 yen annual dividend forecast.

The Bank will pay the quarterly preferred dividends as stipulated in its Articles of Incorporation. No changes will be made to the annual payment of the super preferred dividend distributed as an installment repayment of public funds.