OREANDA-NEWS. August 08, 2013. This is provided by the amendments to the Program for distribution of the Road Fund in 2013, approved by the government.

At the same time, expenditure on repairs and maintenance of the national roads increased from 732 million up to 785.8 million lei and local roads - from 327 million to 354 million lei, respectively. The cost of maintenance of the national roads increased by 80 million - up to 984.8 million lei. It is planned that 30 million lei from this amount will be spent on restoration of access roads to the district schools and on repair of roads in localities affected by this year hail. 47.28 million lei will be used for current repair of several national and local roads.

More than 0.71 million lei will be aimed at increasing the state's share in equity of SC Drumuri. About 2 million lei will be distributed for design and allocation of plots for the objects to be restored under external funding.