OREANDA-NEWS. Honda announced that it will invest approximately USD 215 million in its Ohio operations to add new powertrain technologies and a technical training center at its engine plant in Anna, Ohio, while also establishing a technical training center, heritage center that highlights Honda's history in Ohio and North America, and office space for the new Honda North America Services, LLC in Marysville, Ohio.

These new investments bring to nearly USD 2.7 billion the amount Honda has invested in its North American operations in the last three years.

Honda is investing approximately USD 180 million at the Honda of America Mfg., Inc. Anna Engine Plant to expand capabilities in aluminum die casting and engine parts production related to the new Honda Earth Dreams Technology engines and transmissions. This brings total investment at the Anna plant over the last three years to more than USD 500 million. Previous investments have helped introduce new direct injection engines and to localize production of advanced pulley components for continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) assembled at Honda's transmission plant in Ohio.

The technical training centers for powertrains at Anna and auto manufacturing in Marysville will provide Honda engineers, equipment service technicians and line-side associates with unique opportunities to develop skills that will refine their technical know-how in a hands-on environment.

In addition, Honda has started construction on a new 160,000-square-foot building near its existing operations in Marysville. The new building will house the training facility, a heritage center and office space for Honda's new shared services company formed in April to reorganize existing support services in North America. This USD 35 million facility is scheduled to open in the fall of 2014.

The heritage center will highlight the products and significant milestones in the history of Honda in North America, with an emphasis on the role of Honda operations in Ohio. With plans to be open to the public, the center will showcase Honda's accomplishments during the 36 years since the company announced in 1977 that it would establish a production operation in Ohio.

In addition to major investments at the Anna Engine Plant, Honda also has been implementing advanced technologies and introducing new products at all of its plants in North America. In Ohio alone, the investments over the last three years now total more than USD 1 billion.