OREANDA-NEWS. “Rossiya Airlines” OJSC summarized its business activities for a period of January through June 2013. The results of six initial months show growth of all figures as compared with 2012.

For instance, 1 929 647 passengers had been carried during a period of January through May that is 3,9% higher than the previous year's similar period level. As much as 897 931 passengers had been carried on international air lines and 1 031 716 passengers on domestic ones.

During the reported period, the passenger traffic flow increased by 3.9% to achieve 3 992, 49 million passenger-kilometers.

“Rossiya Airlines” had performed 20 626 flights that is 0.7% above the figures of 2012. The flight time increased by 1% to achieve 50 493,8 flying hours.