OREANDA-NEWS. August 15, 2013. PSC (Personal Score Card), the employee capability development support program operated by POSCO, is contributing greatly to improving personal capabilities, as well as overall quality of life including health and achieving happiness.

PSC is POSCO`s unique tool aimed at helping carry out the management philosophy of respecting people along with love activities among companies, colleagues, and family. When well utilized, PSC allows systematic capability development in turn raising the market value of each individual employee, which eventually leads to a positive cycle as the company`s human resource competitiveness also increases.

PSC, which started in 2000, was renewed this past January in line with POSPIA 3.0, and raised participation rates by having leaders check according to each cycle that each individual employee has input at the beginning of the year and provide feedback.

100% of employees completed registration of their PSC activities in the first half of the year and carried out proactive activities according to those plans, consistently increasing goal accomplishment rates and leading to great results.

In the capability development category, education plans increased by 54% to 20 per individual, while internal education completion rates soared to 89% with completion evaluation score of 91. Employees that have received TOEIC Speaking scores of higher than level 6 increased by 4%, while foreign language certification holders increased by 7%, showing that PSC is proactively being used as a capability development tool to accomplish goals. There was an average of profitability improvement plans of 1.2 per person reaching a total of 20,838 plans, with accomplishment rates of 67%, and cost reduction activities including turning off unused lights and not using paper cups scored the highest at 46%.

An average of 2.5 happiness achievement plans were registered for a total of 43,961 plans. Employees linked to various programs led by the company such as writing thank you letters, volunteer activities, and using fitness centers to carry out thanks sharing, and improving health through quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake, fighting obesity, and consuming low sodium diets.

The Safety Audit Team employees through proactive participation registered 1.5 plans per person for a total of 19,652 plans, and marked an actual increase in safety activity indexes compared to the second half of last year. GIH information activities increased by 12% compared to the previous quarter, registering 1,029 items on average per month, and information collection activities are increasing in both quantity and quality with increased information availability by linking management-level and department reports.

A total of 10,550 plans were registered in the first half of the year for self-motivated improvement tasks. Of these, items leading to improvement tasks increased by 27% compared to the same quarter last year to 4,380, showing that PSC is also contributing greatly to promoting improvement activities and leading to creation of results.

Last June, the `PSC Excellent Case Contest` was held to provide motivation in carrying out PSC and share experiences and excellent cases on notable changes that were achieved through the program. 101 cases were registered in the contest, and 5 winners were introduced based on evaluations of details and PSC achievement rates. POSCO will present CEO commendations and encouragement to these members at the operation meeting scheduled for August 19th.

Meanwhile, POSCO plans to provide a service offering periodic alarms to promote PSC achievement, and to have a mandatory English study plan registered to strengthen global competitiveness of all employees.