OREANDA-NEWS. Belarus is not going to ban the import ans sales sales of confectionery made by Ukraine’s Roshen, Deputy Healthcare Minister Igor Gayevski said.

However, Russian sanitary watchdog says more than 90% of the candies produced by Ukrainian confectionery plant Roshen do not meet Russian quality standards.

“More than 90% of the samples tested did not meet the quality requirements,” the authority said on Tuesday.

Last week, the authority said that it had found a carcinogenic substance in Roshen’s chocolate and banned their supplies, which led critics to say that it was in response to a car import tax introduced by Ukraine in March. Moscow also planned to charge extra duties on coal and glass imports but the authorities have thus far not discussed the details.

The Russian watchdog is currently considering the possibility of meeting with Ukrainian officials to discuss “the compliance of food produced by the plants of confectionery company Roshen with Russian quality and safety requirements,” the authority said.

Customs Union members Kazakhstan and Belarus have also conducted checks as well. Belarus found no reason to ban the import of Roshen’s candies. “There are no violations,” Belarus’ chief health officer Igor Gayevsky, said. Kazakh authorities conducted an independent research and, unlike the Russian watchdog, found no cancer provoking substances in the chocolate.