OREANDA-NEWS. August 16, 2013. The Sverdlovsk Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (OFAS Russia) issued a warning to “Rosgosstrakh” Ltd. that the company should not refuse (avoid) concluding OSAGO (compulsory civil liability motor-vehicle insurance)agreements if insured persons (vehicle owners) do not want to enter into a personal (life and health) insurance agreements.

The warning issued under Article 39.1 of the Law “On Protection of Competition” must be executed by undertaking all measures depending on the insurance company to exclude such incidents of refusals (avoiding) to conclude OSAGO agreements. The deadline for executing the warning is 23rd August 2013.

If “Rosgosstrakh” Ltd. fails to execute the warning within the designated period and there are signs of violating the antimonopoly law, Sverdlovsk OFAS Russia shall open the procedure of initiating a case against the company under Part 8 Article 39 of the Law “On Protection of Competition”. Having analyzed the state of competition on the OSAGO markets in the Sverdlovsk region the antimonopoly body established that “Rosgosstrakh” Ltd. (in the person of its branch in the Sverdlovsk region) had dominant position based on the data for 2012. Under Clauses 3 and 5 Part 1 Article 10 of the Law “On Protection of Competition” prohibit actions (omissions) of economic entities with dominant position that lead or can lead to preventing, eliminating, restricting competition and (or) infringing the interests of other persons, including unreasonable refusals to conclude contracts and imposing disadvantageous conditions. Sverdlovsk OFAS identified such signs of violating Law “On Protection of Competition” in actions (omissions) of “Rosgosstrakh” Ltd. and issued a warning.