OREANDA-NEWS. Foreign investment inflow in Belarus' real economy grew 12.5% on the year in January-June 2013 to U.S. USD 7.849 billion, the National Statistics Committee told.

Foreign direct investments grew 17.8% on the year in H1 2013 to USD 6.439 billion, accounting for 82% of the total. Debt instruments make up for most of the direct foreign investments (75.8% of the total).

The largest volume of direct foreign investments came from Russia (51.6% of the total), Great Britain (27.4%), Cyprus (5.7%) and Austria (2.7%).

“Other foreign investments” amounted to USD 1.4 billion, down 6.8% on the year in H1 2013, accounting for 17.9% of total foreign investments.

Portfolio investments in the real economy sector were at USD 5.584 million as of July 1, 2013. They made up 0.07% of total foreign investment inflows.

Belarus' trading companies accounted for 44.3% of overall foreign investments, transport companies for 35.6%, industries for 11.9%

Minsk accounted for 79.7% of foreign investment in January-June 2013, Gomel Region for 6.4%, and Minsk Region for 5.5%.