OREANDA-NEWS. August 20, 2013. As a consequence of the triumph of e-banking, the bank offices are increasingly focussing on advisory services and the daily banking services are evermore used via Internet or mobile phone.

Given the above, the branches are turning to a greater extent into advisory centres that the clients visit only to carry out more comprehensive and complicated transactions. Moreover, the clients prefer those bank offices, which offer the largest range of services both to private as well as business customers.

In relation to the above, we shall close as of 22 September the SEB Nomme branch.

Closest branch to Nomme is The Magistrali branch, located at Sopruse pst 201/203, Tallinn, open on working days from 10 to 20, on Saturdays from 10 to 18.  The closest ATM is located at Nomme Arikeskus, Jaama 2.

The list of all SEB bank offices, ATMs and Post Banks together with contact data and opening hours is available on our homepage at www.seb.ee/en/bank-offices-and-branch-offices-seb

Further information can be obtained from our Customer Support on 665 5100 or via Skype (username seb.eesti).