OREANDA-NEWS. August 21, 2013. The e-apostille service was launched in Chisinau. Attending the event were Prime Minister Iurie LEANCA, Justice Minister Oleg EFRIM and the executive director of the e-governing centre, Stela MOCAN.

Thus, Moldova is the second European country and the fifth state in the world to have this service. So far, the service has been available on-line only in Spain, the USA, Columbia and New Zealand.

LEANCA said that the e-apostille represented a modern instrument for preventing corruption and is part of the cabinet’s priorities for 100 days. He noted that the new service would reduce the involvement of intermediaries – notaries and attorney – fact that would improve the interaction of citizens with the state institutions, would change for good their attitude and would increase the citizens’ trust in the country’s future.

LEANCA also said that annually, about 100,000 people benefitted from the apostille service, many of whom live abroad. Therefore, the apostille will be issued easier, in a shorter time, at lower rates and with less bureaucratic barriers.

For his part, Oleg EFRIM said that the launch of the e-apostille, together with other e-services on the matter, is part of the justice reform and fits into a string of actions on implementation of the e-justice concept. At the same time, the e-apostille increases transparency and efficiency in providing the public services, by largely using the e-registers and documents.

Stela MOCAN said that the e-services were highly requested in Moldova and the population was ready to actively access them. Thus, after launching the e-criminal record service in September 2012, 97 per cent of requests are made on-line.

In the context, LEANCA highlighted the importance of advancing in modernization of the public services via the information technologies in order to provide quality services and low prices to Moldovan citizens.