OREANDA-NEWS. August 21, 2013. According to decision of Committee of Directors of public company “Omsky Kauchuk” Igor Nazarevich is appointed Director General of the company.

Tomorrow new Director General of public company “Omsky Kauchuk” will be introduced to the management of the enterprise and will proceed to work.

Labor biography of Igor Nazarevich was closely connected with the plant. Here he started his career as an instrumentations and automatics mechanic and machinery operator. Later on, during the period of bankruptcy of public company “Omsky Kauchuk”, he was a member of creditor’s committee of the company.

Alexander Siryk continues working on the enterprise on the position of Technical Director.


Igor Gennadievich Nazarevich was born on the 30th of May 1965 in Omsk.

In 1983 after graduation from technical college he was enlisted in Soviet Army.

In 1986 he started working on the Plant: first as an instrumentations and automatics mechanic, then as a machinery operator in workshop D-2.

In 1992 graduated from law faculty of Omsk State University, worked in district Office of public prosecutor.

In June 1993 he returned to public company “Omsky Kauchuk” and took position of Law Adviser. For several years he worked as the Head of Legal Department of the enterprise.

Since December 1997 till February 2009 he was working in CJSC “GC “Titan” as Director of Legal Department, Deputy Director General on Legal Affairs. Was elected as Provisional Director General and Member of the Board of CJSC “GC “Titan”.

Since 2008 to the present time – Member of the Board of Directors of public company “Omsky Kauchuk”.

Since February 2009 – Director General of CJSC “KPN”.