OREANDA-NEWS. SCM has closed the deal to sell 100% of Ukrainian Pharmacy Holding (Zdravitsa and Dibri Liky pharmacy chains, Tsentralnaya Pharmacy, A'STA regional wholesale pharmacy company), which operated under SCM Group's umbrella since September 2010.

The parties do not disclose the amount and other details of the deal.

System Capital Management (SCM) is a professional investor, the managing company of the biggest Ukrainian financial and industrial group focusing on three business areas: mining and metals, energy and finance. The company also operates in other sectors including telecommunications, media, real estate, grocery retail, clay production, petroleum products retail, agriculture, heavy engineering and transportation.

SCM Group includes Metinvest Holding, DTEK, First Ukrainian International Bank, Renaissance Capital Bank, ASKA and ASKA-Life insurance companies, Vega Telecommunications Group, Ukraina Media Group, ESTA Holding (real estate), Ukrainskiy Retail (grocery retail), UMG (clay production), Parallel (petroleum products retail), HarvEast (agriculture), Mining Machines holding, Portinvest transportation holding and others.