OREANDA-NEWS. A contest of professional skills among the representatives of ten trades was held at JSC “TANECO”.

Competing in skills at the sites of the Nizhnekamsk Oil Refining and Petrochemical Plants Complex there were mechanicians for process installations repair (static equipment), mechanicians for process installations repair (rotating equipment), instrumentation and automation mechanics and loading operators, operators of processing plants, machinists of process pumps (compressors), machinists of pumping units (compressors), electricians for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment and chemical analysis lab technicians. More than 100 young employees of the Company were competing for the title of “Best in the Trade”.

The professional skills contest among the employees of the Complex allowed the young professionals of the Company demonstrating specialized knowledge and practical skills. The contestant status is prestigious for the young professionals. Applicants for participation in the contest had been selected by the following criteria: high level of theoretical and practical training, quality and timely execution of production orders, no violations of labor discipline, rules and safety standards and safety regulations.

The winners' award ceremony will take place during the celebrations of Oilmen Day.

Particularly, the workforce and youth policy of TATNEFT and TANECO Group of Companies includes a system of activities enabling young professionals to first adapt at the place of production and then providing opportunities for self-realization and growth of professional competence.