OREANDA-NEWS. Imperial Oil Limited is responding to a flow of water at a well site about 25 kilometres northwest of Fort Nelson, B.C. 

The incident occurred on August 19 during drilling operations at a depth of about 430 metres. The well is not producing hydrocarbons and the low salinity water is from a non-potable aquifer.

There were no injuries as a result of the incident. Ongoing air monitoring has confirmed no impact to human health or wildlife. Imperial is continuing to monitor for any environmental impacts.

Imperial is the operator of the well. Equipment has been mobilized to the site to stop the flow of water and protect the environment.

Most of the water has been retained within the containment system, which is also being expanded with secondary barriers.

The area First Nation community, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission have been notified. We are working closely with the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission on our response.