OREANDA-NEWS. Tata Steel has been adjudged the Best Performing Integrated Steel Plant in the country for the year 2011-12 based on the recommendations made by a Panel of Judges that selected companies for the Prime Minister's Trophy awards for the year 2011-12. Based on the recommendations, the Government of India has decided to award the Certificate of Excellence to Tata Steel as per the scheme for the Prime Minister's Trophy for 2011-12.

With this, Tata Steel has scored maximum marks in overall performance for the fourth consecutive year. The date of the award function for 2011-12 will be announced by the Union Ministry of Steel at a future date.

Mr. D R S Chaudhary, Secretary, Ministry of Steel, Government of India, in a letter to the Managing Director of Tata Steel, Mr. H M Nerurkar, said: “I congratulate the management and employees of Tata Steel for the excellent work done. I am sure this award will greatly motivate the Tata Steel collective and spur them on to create several new benchmarks in efficiency and productivity which will serve as an inspiration to others”.

The Company went through several rounds of rigorous assessments during the entire evaluation process for the prestigious award. The enthusiasm and involvement of the Company employees during the entire process of assessment was highly appreciated by the Panel of Judges for the Prime Minister's Trophy.