OREANDA-NEWS.   i-Free, the host of the 10th Mobile VAS & Apps Conference, has announced that this year’s conference will feature a Mobile Projects Show, which is designed to be a networking vehicle for new mobile product developers, publishers and investors. The Mobile VAS & Apps Conference is a prime international convention dedicated to mobile technology and applications. 

The Mobile Projects Show will showcase the best mobile products which are yet to hit the market but which in the meantime could use some help from investors or publishers. Developers and producers will be offered a rare opportunity to pitch their projects to prospective partners, Russian and international publishers, and potential investors.

Conversely the publishers and investors will be welcome to examine every project in detail, appreciating its architecture and visual presentation, and meet every product’s creators face to face. This exhibition is a shortcut to finding the right project to collaborate with and saves much time and effort that would otherwise be required to have the same end result. 

Projects that are fully launch-ready and projects that only exist as a prototype or demo version are invited to participate. Participation in the Mobile Projects Show is free of charge.

Applications will be accepted on or before 25th October. The Show will take place on 21st November 2013, the first day of the 10th Mobile VAS & Apps Conference.

Participants in the Mobile Projects Show are entitled to a 50% rebate on the attendance fee for the 10th Mobile VAS & Apps Conference and Mobile Trends Forum.