OREANDA-NEWS. The SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurial community continues to develop introduction of business catalysts in Russia's regions. In August the project has been successfully implemented in Astrakhan which will enable to uncover the innovative and entrepreneurial potential of the region.

According to the SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurial community experts and RVC, the project's originator, Astrakhan deserves to become one of the pilot regions that were selected to implement the business catalyst model. “The region has everything needed for project development”, said Elena Stakheeva, Head of project work of the SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurship community. “There are willingness of the project's originators, startups representing different fields, infrastructure at FABRIKA IT-park, possibilities for service backing, support of the region's Ministry of economic development, active participation of universities.”

During the launch of the business catalyst in Astrakhan, a session with main players of the innovative market, representatives of entrepreneurial support institutions, universities and government, was held; the road map and workgroup were created. The former with the support of RVC and the SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurial community drafts startups, generates a schedule of mentor sessions and examinations, creates a unified educational programme for the region and promotes projects. The best startups will be presented to the SKOLKOVO Investor Club members.

One of the main goals of a business catalyst is to increase a number of projects that are ready for presentation to venture funds' investment committees. The proposed model of a regional catalyst is urged to become an effective way to select the most promising R&D projects and help them reach deals. Experts propose an instrument that provides communication for all parts (technical developers, entrepreneurs, industrial experts) and transforms ideas in real businesses.