OREANDA-NEWS.  August 26, 2013. The Government realizes actions to stir up economics at the account of support of import replacement direction. That is support of production of goods that are imported into Ukraine. Among the ways of it appear creating of new industrial chains.

An example of it is a plant in Chernivtsy manufacturing heating systems made of metal, produced by Zaporizhstal. Ukrainian goods comply with European standards and are cheaper than the imported ones, according to Vice Prime Minister Olexandr Vilkul, who attended ROZMA plant in Chernivtsy and held a working meeting to tackle import replacement issues.

Production of steel radiators for housing and communal services area is focused on the domestic market. The heating units by national producer are by 5-10% cheaper than their European analogs. The capacity of the enterprise is 130 thousand steel radiators a year. The plant uses 90% of Ukrainian raw materials (steel of Zaporizhstal plant) and only 10% of imported materials.

The enterprise also produces pipes and other goods from polymers. 80% production is exported to the countries of Europe, CIS and Near East. 

During an official visit to Chernivtsy region Olexandr Vilkul also held a meeting to discuss the state of preparation of the region to the new heating season. Presently, the readiness of objects in the region makes up over 81%.