OREANDA-NEWS. August 26, 2013. Suren Avagimov, formerly Deputy Director for Legal Support and Director of Corporate Law Department, has been appointed Deputy CEO and Director of Legal Support Centre in IC Allianz.

In his new position, Suren Avagimov will take up the responsibility for legal support in Allianz Group’s activities in Russia, IC Allianz’ legal risks identification and management, legal support in court activities apart from cases related to insurance indemnity collection and subrogation, and will also be accountable for interaction with public regulators.

Suren Avagimov was born on December 13, 1971. He graduated from Moscow State Law Academy with a major in Civil Law and received another graduate degree in Tax and Taxation in the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, the Finance and Credit Department. Mr Avagimov started his career as a lawyer in 1996 and has worked with a number of Russian companies. In 1998 to 2004, he occupied the position of Deputy Head of Legal Department in the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation. Suren entered Allianz (ROSNO at the time) in 2004 as Chief Legal Adviser in the Financial and Business Operations Legal Support Division within the Legal Department. In 2010, he took the position of Deputy Director for Corporate Governance Centre and Director of Corporate Law Department.

Hakan Danielsson, President and Director of IC Allianz, commented this appointment as follows: "Legal support is a key accompanying function in an insurance company’s activities. I am happy to welcome Suren in his new capacity and strongly believe he will ensure high quality level performance of the Centre that has been entrusted to him due to his professional excellence and many years of experience".