OREANDA-NEWS. Metalloinvest presented 'Our Future', a new large-scale educational support programme, to the representatives of Stary Oskol schools. The programme is aimed at supporting vocational orientation of children and will target nurseries, regional schools and student initiatives to study the country and region's culture and history. In 2013, Metalloinvest plans to allocate 10 million roubles for the project.

Irina Druzhinina, Social Programmes Director at OEMK, commented: “We introduced funds distribution to schools which depends on the results of vocational orientation work. The work will be evaluated based on a number of school graduates, who entered key regional universities and colleges to study disciplines related to the Company's activities. The winning schools will receive a grant to be used to improve school facilities and, most importantly, enhance quality of education and vocational orientation.”

A new project of Metalloinvest's educational support programme is 'The essence of Motherland'. The project will provide assistance to school projects on promoting national history and culture, and specifics of the region. These school projects will enable students to attend sites of cultural and historical importance in Russia, and participate in cultural, historical and military-patriotic events. Metalloinvest will allocate funds to schools based on the results of a tender.