OREANDA-NEWS. At the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013, the Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern (КRET) OJSC, part of the State Corporation Rostec, and Russian Helicopters OJSC (subsidiary of Oboronprom) signed a general agreement on cooperation in the development, delivery and after-sales service of helicopters to meet the highest international standards and ensure competitiveness in the international market.

General agreement between КRET and Russian Helicopters sets out the main areas of cooperation, which includes the harmonization of technical specifications for the development of airborne avionics for helicopters, development and testing of its prototypes, certification, production, serial delivery, service equipment and after-sales service.

“КRET is Russia's largest developer and manufacturer of airborne avionics for helicopters,” said Nikolay Kolesov, CEO of КRET. “Russian Helicopters, within the framework of the proposed “one window” system, will provide a comprehensive solution that delivers full life-cycle maintenance of avionics - from conceptual design to after-sales service.”

Partnership with КRET, as a developer and provider of integrated airborne avionics solutions, will allow Russian Helicopters to reduce the financial, managerial and time expenditures for the development, testing and serial delivery of airborne avionics, improve quality control and delivery schedules, and provide skilled, prompt repair and maintenance of complex systems and airborne avionics systems. In addition, the result of our joint work should lead to a coordinated strategy of the parties, both in terms of volumes of mass production, and in terms of research and development work.

“The new partnership with КRET is part of the continuation of our policy of ensuring a stable supply of the holding with components and systems,” said Dmitry Petrov, CEO of Russian Helicopters. “Equipping helicopters with the latest airborne avionics complexes and their support throughout their life cycle, will strengthen our competitive advantage in the global helicopter market, as well as support the high reliability of Russian helicopters.”

Under the terms of this agreement, the companies will form a working group that will include authorized representative of both parties. This group will formulate specific objectives, work on the development of activities and supervise their implementation.

КRET aims to synchronize its offer with the latest industry trends. A specially created structure of Russian Helicopters takes care of comprehensive supply of equipment and components for helicopters - the Procurement and Logistics Center for the Helicopter Industry. Taking advantage of the synergies of Rostec, Russian Helicopters and КRET, these companies will develop tight integration in the areas of development, production, delivery and maintenance of airborne avionics for today's civil and military helicopters.