OREANDA-NEWS.  August 29, 2013. Sviaz-Bank has launched a new loan, It Meets All Needs, for its customers who collect their wages from Bank card accounts. The program covers all regions of the Bank’s presence.

A certain credit limit on wage cards must be approved in advance, and it may be raised at the Bank’s discretion.

The new product is a nonpurpose loan of 10,000 to 500,000 Russian rubles that is issued for a term of up to 60 months at a minimum 15.5% interest rate and a maximum of 22.5% per annum.

“We have developed this credit product as a priority under the loyalty cultivation program for various customer groups,” said Olga Oleinik, Vice Chair of Sviaz-Bank’s Management Board. “As of now, over 450,000 wage earners collect their wages on the Bank’s cards, and they are eligible for our new product, and we see them showing great interest in cut-rate loans.”