OREANDA-NEWS. The second consignment is shipped, it comprises 14 housing sections of the rotary furnace manufactured for one of the enterprises in Central America. The equipment was manufactured under the order and according to engineering by CEMEQ Minerals, Russia. The rotary furnace is designed for roasting of ferronickel ore.

Seven units of special transport facilities for heavy-weight and oversized products were used for delivery of the second consignment.

Like the first consignment, the furnace sections shall be supplied to the sea port of Rostov-on-Don to be transshipped on "river-sea" class vessels. Then down the Don river, the cargo shall reach the Azov and Black seas. After transshipment in a Turkish port to ocean-type vessels, the cargo shall be shipped through the Atlantic Ocean to the customer in Central America covering in the whole 16000 km.

The furnace housing has unique overall dimensions comparable to those of a modern submarine: inner diameter is 5.5 m and length is 115 m. These exceed dimensions of similar equipment manufactured earlier more than twice. Uralmashplant manufactures such a furnace for the first time.

The first consignment was sent to the customer in June. In the nearest time, the equipment must reach the end customer; now the vessel with these sections is crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Fulfillment of the order placed by a Central American enterprise has shown that Uralmashplant can manufacture complex equipment with good quality and observe the terms. We acquired good experience and this work gives us good references as manufacturer, - pointed out Andrei Saltanov, general director of "Uralmashplant" JSC. - This contract allows us not only to find a new market and extend the range of products but jointly with CEMEQ Minerals to offer a high-tech and science intensive product to a foreign customer. Today we study options for further cooperation with CEMEQ Minerals in building of new cement lines in Central and Latin America, - he continued.

"Uralmashplant" JSC is one of the leaders on the Russian market of equipment for metallurgy, mining industry, oil and gas industry, building materials industry and power engineering industry. The strategy of the company's development aims at creation of a world-class machine-building company, capable to completely fulfill all equipment requirements a customer may have.