OREANDA-NEWS. December 02, 2013. By order of Vice Prime Minister Olexandr Vilkul the Minister Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services Gennadiy Temnyk held a working meeting on the distribution to all regions the experience of Rivne industrial cluster for the production of alternative fuels from waste and use it at national enterprises.

"Creation in every region of industrial clusters for the production and use of alternative energy sources will allow replacing the expensive natural gas by cheaper domestic fuel. This will reduce Ukraine's energy dependance, contribute investments in the economy, improve competitiveness, creation jobs and resolve environmental problems. Vice Prime Minister Olexandr Vilkul instructed to intensify in the regions programs of separate collection and recycling of waste," the Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services Gennadiy Temnyk said.

He stressed that it is necessary to study and implement a successful experience, including of the Rivne region, which has reduced consumption of natural gas by 9% since 2011 (from 103 million m3 to 93 million m3). And replacing alternative sources of energy it has been reduced consumption by 3.5% (or 91 million m3).

By the order of Olexandr Vilkul during the working trip Gennady Temnyk with the participation of deputy heads of regional state administrations of all regions of Ukraine and the mayors of many cities held a meeting on the activities of the two companies of Rivne region combined into a single industrial chain of production and use of renewable fuels. Namely, a waste recycling company "Ukreko-Industry" and the company "Volyn-Cement".

Waste processing complex of the "Ukreko-Industry" provides for the collection and sorting of waste, then grinds it and turns to an alternative fuel – fluff (sorted and shredded inorganic waste). In the result of sorting 50-60% of the collected garbage goes on the production of fluff.

"As a result, the amount of waste on a landfill reduced in 2 times, which significantly reduces the load on the environment and prolongs the terms of use of dump for decades," General Director of "Ukreko-Industry" Svyatoslav Yevtushenko said.

"Capacity of the company designed for 120 tons of waste per year, which makes it possible to recycle waste in the future, not only from Rivne, and also from other settlements of the region," the deputy head of the Rivne Regional State Administration Volodymyr Novak said.

Produced by "Ukreko-Industry" environmentally safety fluff goes to rotary kiln of the second enterprise of the production chain - "Volyn-Cement", where it burn with pulverized coal in at the production of clinker (an intermediate product in the production of cement). And a gas in this process is used only partially to hot rotary kilns. Today part of fluff in the mixture is already 20%. In the future, we plan to increase it to 40%.

As reported to the Director General of "Volyn-Cement" Sergei Doudzyanyi, due to this "Volyn-Cement" has reduced consumption of natural gas by 93% - from 107 million m3 to 7 million m3 per year.

Due to the fact that the cost of thermal energy from fluff significantly cheaper than if using natural gas, the company has reduced share of the energy component of production costs by 15%.

"Freed funds go to further modernization of production and introducing energy saving technologies," Serhiy Doudzyanyi said.

In particular, at the company was set new modern electrical equipment, which greatly reduces the power losses in the transmission network and allow going to 1 class power consumption, enabling savings of UAH 20 million per year.

Through this power saving mode, at the company was modernized packaging department and built a new block of shipment of cement in the car, what increased sales of marketable cement in 2013 in 2 times.

According to Serhiy Doudzyanyi, the implementation of environmental protection measures at the company has reduced emissions of cement dust into the atmosphere to 10 mg/cu. m, which corresponds to European and world standards.

"There is no alternative to the use of renewable fuels. Success of the Rivne region cluster on production of such fuels from waste and use it to replace natural gas should be extended to all regions," Gennadiy Temnyk said.

Also on this day, Gennadiy Temnyk held an off-site meeting of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services, which was attended by deputy governors. During the panel he commissioned by Olexandr Vilkul set the task to all regions to intensify work on the separate collection of waste. As well as to study the experience of Rivne industrial cluster of production of fuels from waste alternative and ordered all the regions from next year to submit their projects of energy substitution.

"For 4 years all the regions have to go on this model, which is implemented in the Rivne region, as under the law from 2018 the disposal of garbage will be possible only after sorting," Gennadiy Temnyk said.