OREANDA-NEWS. December 03, 2013. In 2014 Ural Truck Plant is planning to produce ten new armored vehicles Ural-4320-VV for Interior Ministry troops of MIA RF. For the moment plant tests of a new vehicle are being finished.

The vehicle will become a base for the whole range of highly-unified tactical armored vehicles with different wheel arrangements for all security agencies.

New protected vehicle for all security agencies “Ural-VV” has been developed according to the specifications of Chief Command Interior Ministry troops of MIA RF. As the base platform, they chose Ural-4320 (wheel arrangement 6x6) because of its reliability and easy maintenance.

The vehicle protection has been developed in Research Institute of Steel, the first samples of protection were also manufactured here. Free vehicle layout allows for different equipment and military modules arrangements depending on the operational task. During development of the specification the customer considered armored vehicles operation experience in different conditions and put several additional requirements. One of them - developing an armored vehicle with single-space armored module which allows not to separate a driver from soldiers. There can be up to 17 soldiers in this single space armored body together with equipage.

Control module has clear visibility, the vehicle is equipped with large armored windshiled. The design includes protected fuel tanks with additional protection screen. There are seats that reduce dynamic loads at blowing ups. Standard vehicle configuration includes HVAC. Powerful YaMZ engine Euro-4 is highly reliable and fuel efficient.

Ural-VV has no equivalents and completely meets customer requirements. In case of standard armament installation the vehicle can be used instead of an armored troop carrier, as far as armored Ural is a certified vehicle that can move at public roads without road police escort.