OREANDA-NEWS.  Aeroexpress is testing a new visual shopping format, which enables customers to make mobile purchases directly from advertising spaces. As part of the pilot campaign, JustinCase has become the first company to offer shoppers its travel kits & accessories. It has fully implemented the impulse visual shopping concept, starting from ads published in the Aeroexpress train magazine to customers’ receiving their orders.

As part of the pilot advertising campaign, the JustinCase.ru web-store has published its catalogue in Aeroexpress train magazines, pairing each item with a QR code. During their train ride (35-45 minutes), passengers can now buy goods by scanning a corresponding QR code with their smartphones and receive the purchased items right at the airport. The service is being offered through the Goodwin mobile impulse shopping platform, which enables buyers to make online purchases by scanning a QR code, bar code, or a goods image.

“The technology we are using enables us to complete the chain of advertising, selling, and receiving goods,” explains Kirill Sizyumov, Managing Director of JustinCase.ru. “During the first month, we recorded over 700 scans in the system and sold 45 items. That is not a bad result to start with.”

“Visual shopping adds an essential option of impulse sales to advertising. The example of JustinCase.ru is clear evidence of this fact. We are seeing quite good sales statistics via this offered shopping option and plan to propose this solution to our company’s other clients,” commented Rustam Akiniazov, Chief Commercial Officer of Aeroexpress.