OREANDA-NEWS. Fujitsu Mobile Communications Limited and Fujitsu Limited today announced that its new ARROWS A SoftBank 301F smartphone, manufactured by Fujitsu Mobile Communications, will be available in Japan from SoftBank retailers starting December 6, 2013.

Through its ability to charge extremely quickly and its high-capacity battery, the 301F can be charged in ten minutes to provide a day's use and through a full charge can last for three days. The phone features fine-tuned power savings capabilities enabled by its Fujitsu Human Centric Engine, as well as a TFT LCD display embedded with a RAM chip that significantly reduces power consumption when displaying still images. This Fujitsu smartphone enables users to use the handset without having to worry about when the battery will run out.

In aiming to develop a smartphone that supports users in their daily lives, Fujitsu designed the stylish 301F with a smooth, seamless form factor that fits comfortably into the palm of your hand. The handset is equipped with Fujitsu's original user interface enabling convenient operations through features like a slide display, which helps users operate the large screen with a single hand, as well as security capabilities such as a smart fingerprint sensor, and a high-resolution 13.1 megapixel camera that any user can operate intuitively. The result is a next-generation smartphone with a 'made-in-Japan' build quality that delivers the ultimate ease of use and comfort to a wide spectrum of customers.

As smartphone devices today mostly feature similar specs and functions, customers are increasingly looking for phones that are easier and more comfortable to use. To deliver a stress-free smartphone experience, Fujitsu has developed ARROWS A 301F as a smartphone that brings together long battery life, an easy-to-operate touchscreen, and easy-to-view and easy-to-hear features. This focus on an interface that users can feel the value of at a personal level has led to a smartphone that meets customer needs for easy operability and comfort.