OREANDA-NEWS. Within the framework of the action Honest Kilowatt, JSC Moscow United Electric Grid Company continues to fight unregistered and non-contractual electricity consumption. In October 2013, the energy specialists of the branch Energouchet, together with the staff of the company's electric grid branches held more than three hundred raids to identify the cases of unrecorded electricity consumption.

In October this year, MOESK's specialists issued 234 reports on unregistered consumption of 20.5 mn kWh of electricity. The productive supply of the reporting period included 13.5 mn kWh of electricity consumed with violation of registration rules.

Besides, in October, 169 reports were issued on electricity consumption without entering into an agreement with the energy selling company. Volume of non-contractual electricity consumption, which was confirmed by reports, amounted to 14.6 mn kWh. Thus, according to the reports, based on the results of October, unfair consumers owe RUR 73 mn to JSC MOESK for non-contractual consumption.

161 reports on non-contractual consumption of 6 mn kWh of the total cost of RUR 26.3 mn were paid in the reporting period out of the reports which were previously issued. A resident of the Vashutino District in Khimki became one of those who paid off the debt for non-contractual consumption. That was not the first time when this entrepreneurial person connected his house to the electric grid in an authorized manner. As a result, the consumer had to pay to JSC MOESK more than RUR 140 ths. Apparently, the size of the debt made him think about the benefit of unauthorized electricity consumption and conclude an agreement with the energy company. At present, electricity consumption is in accordance with the law.

The specialists of JSC MOESK keep reminding the citizens of the need to pay for consumed energy timely (especially this concerns electricity consumption in violation of registration rules, and without conclusion of an agreement with a selling entity).

The main objective of the action Honest Kilowatt is to warn the public about the danger and liability for unauthorized consumption of electricity, rather than to punish particular offenders. During the raids, energy specialists explain citizens the consequences and risks of unauthorized connection to electric grids and use of electricity. Improper connection to grids often leads to a decrease in the quality of power supply, power supply voltage swings, damage to electrical appliances, creation of fire and traumatic situations. Administrative and in some cases even criminal liability is stipulated for violation of the rules for connection to the power grid and power consumption.

MOESK reminds that the population commits gross violation of safety rules during unauthorized works at electric grid facilities. Energy workers produce all works using special tools, special clothes, as well as they de-energize power lines. Those who like free electricity in order to implement connection climb up to the support of a functioning line, without necessary tools and uniform clothes. JSC MOESK asks the citizens who decided to implement unauthorized works, to think not only about the alleged benefits of the unauthorized connection, but mortal danger of such a violation.