OREANDA-NEWS. Moscow Domodedovo Airport is the first airport in Russia and the CIS to install SITA WorldTracer kiosks, which reduce the misrouted passenger baggage tracking and recovery time.

WorldTracer International Automatic Baggage Search System has been used in Domodedovo since 2002. The system is based on the analysis of data of unclaimed baggage and the information specified in the statements of passengers at the member-airports worldwide. There are more than 2,200 of such airports!

Installation of the kiosks made using of the system easier and more available for Domodedovo passengers: the only thing they need to do is to scan a barcode on the baggage stub, to enter your contact information and to fill in a baggage loss application.

Igor Borisov, Domodedovo Airport Director said: "The system of self-registration of lost baggage is an important element of the program for service development. Innovations like WorldTracer kiosks allow us not only to maintain the leading position, but also to ensure faster development of the airport".

Software developer is SITA Company specializing in information and telecommunication solutions for the air transport industry. Domodedovo Airport has been partners with SITA for 20 years: apart from WorldTracer kiosks, Domodedovo implemented such software as BagMessage BagManager. They guarantee fast and correct international baggage handling.

Dmitriy Krasnov, Vice President of SITA for Russia and the CIS, said: "Domodedovo's implementation of more self-service technology is an important step in the airport's development to improve the passenger experience. IATA's ambition is for airports and airlines to give passengers as much control over their journey as possible and Domodedovo is at the forefront of these exciting developments".

Domodedovo Airport is actively implementing advanced technologies which can save time when undergoing different procedures and getting the most out of travel. Currently such services as remote and self-service check-in via the Internet and mobile devices are successfully used. Domodedovo was also one of the first airports in Russia and the CIS to install self-service check-in kiosks (CUSS Common Use Self Service).

SITA - world's leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology (IT). It serves over 450 representatives of aviation industry, 2800 clients in over 200 countries and regions all over the world. Founded in 1949 by 11 airlines, today SITA unites staff of over 140 nationalities, speaking 70 languages. Company was named two times the best IT-services provider for airports on the Emerging Markets Airport Awards (EMAA).

Moscow Domodedovo Airport - is the largest one of Russia, in 2012 the airport served 28,2 million people. It joins the category of the largest airports in Europe on the classification of the Airports Council International (ACI) and on results of 2012 became one of three European airports with the highest dynamic development. Since 2009 it is ranked as the best airport in Eastern Europe by Skytrax. Domodedovo is chosen for flights by member airlines of two largest global airline alliances - Star Alliance and oneworld.