OREANDA-NEWS. Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, and Smolensk Region administration have signed an agreement of intent to develop mobile services. The agreement will bring around 140 mn rubles of investment into development of mobile infrastructure, which will considerably expand Tele2 network coverage in Smolensk Region, including small and remote residential places.

First Deputy CEO Jere Calmes and Smolesnk Region Governor Aleksey Ostrovsky have signed the agreement.

The document is seeking to promote cooperation of Tele2 and the administration on developing telecom infrastructure, implementing regional social and economic programs, attracting investment into the region’s economy.

The agreement is aiming to solve an important social task in Smolensk Region – to expand network coverage and increase network capacity to guarantee low-cost mobile services. This will be achieved due to construction of base stations and upgrading of equipment on the network infrastructure facilities. Special attention will be paid to make mobile services more affordable in small and remote residential places in Smolensk Region as well as territories running along federal highways.

The total amount of investment into construction and upgrading of Tele2 network in Smolensk Region between 2013 and 2015 will total around 140 mn rubles.

Jere Calmes, Tele2 Russia First Deputy CEO:

“Our key mission is to make modern mobile services widely used and available for as many Russians as possible. The cost of services is often much lower in Tele2 penetrated regions. As a part of our investment program, we will continue expanding our network coverage including small and remote residential places where it is impossible to roll out fixed-line network. I am sure that cooperation agreement with Smolensk Region will boost development of mobile services and contribute to investment growth in the region’s economy.”