OREANDA-NEWS. December 18, 2013. Between January and September 2013 China’s plywood exports rose by just 4% to 7.75 million cubic metres. But, international demand for Chinese manufactured plywood has weakened. For example, the USA is the largest market for China’s plywood but Indonesian and Russian suppliers have captured market share from China in this market, as ITTO reported.

China’s plywood exports to the USA fell 15% to around 1 million cubic metres between January and September 2013 and China’s market share in the US declined to 13% in the first three quarters of 2013 from 16% in the same period in 2012. In addition, China’s plywood exports to Saudi Arabia and the Emirates in the first three quarters of this year also declined.

However, in many provinces plywood production for export has been increasing resulting in bitter competition amongst domestic enterprises. There are significant differences in output and exports of plywood in the various provinces. Shandong Province and Jiangsu Province dominate the plywood export trade.

In the first three quarters of 2013, plywood exports from Shandong Province rose 8% to 3.60 million cubic metres, accounting for 46% of national exports.

Plywood exports from Jiangsu Province grew 6% over the same period and accounted for 28 percent of national exports. In addition, plywood exports trends in Guangdong Province and Guangxi Province is still positive. Plywood exports from Guangxi Province rose 44% to 455 700 cubic metres and exports from Guangdong Province grew 8% to 412 300 cubic metres.