OREANDA-NEWS. Belarus' President Alexander Lukashenko has challenged Vice Premier Piotr Prokopovich to analyze what slows down the development of small and medium business enterprises in the country and prepare a report for the head of state.

The decision to put Prokopovich in control of the government's SME analysis group followed the Monday conference with President Lukashenko and top officials of the Belarusian government in attendance.

The President said he wanted to know about the situation regarding unused state property and its future involvement in the economic turnover. The head of state pointed out that the opportunities brought about by the modernization of woodworking enterprises should be used in full. In this context, Lukashenko believes small and medium businesses, especially those dealing in furniture production, should be encouraged to increase export and use up waste products of the woodworking industry.

In turn, Prokopovich pointed out that there are many reserves and opportunities for the development of small and medium businesses, in particular, in the industrial sector and agriculture.

Speaking about small and medium enterprises, said that their share was on the rise. In 2013 the share stood at 24% of the GDP, in 2014 it is expected to reach 27%. By the end of the five-year term, the figure is supposed to reach 30%.