OREANDA-NEWS. December 19, 2013. Kazkommertsbank, announces the payment of dividends on preference shares for one calendar year.

Kazkommertsbank (the Bank) on has made a payment of dividends on preference shares subject to the list of shareholders eligible to obtain dividends, as of November 12, 2013 (the record date of the shareholders register).

Payable dividends amounted to US\\$ 4,984,115.00 dollars at the rate of 0.04 USD per one preference share (equivalent to 770,145,449.81 tenge). Number of placed shares – 124,602,875. The amount of payments made to shareholders totaled to 769,971,540.64 tenge.

The amount of dividends not paid due to missing information on settlement details is 173,909.17 tenge.
Dividends paid-out via funds transfer to a bank account of a holder of preference shares.