OREANDA-NEWS. The Supervisory Board of National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russias central securities depository, approved the companys Budget of Income, Expenditures and Profit for 2014, the Budget of Investments of NSD for 2014 and the list of priority products of NSD for 2014.

The companys Supervisory Board approved the new version of the Rules of Clearing Operations of NSD. The updated document is to be put into effect after its registration by the Bank of Russia.

The Rules of Clearing Operations now incorporate changes related to the clarified procedure of NSD's interactions with clearing participants during operations conducted in trade depository accounts and trade bank accounts and also during clearing operations conducted using bank accounts opened by the clearing participants and their clients with foreign banks. The changes are also related to a description of details of clearing services provided during clearing operations on the credit organizations direct repos with the Bank of Russia concluded on the exchange market. The company developed standard forms of documents which shall be submitted by clearing participants to NSD; the new forms will be placed on the companys web site.

The Supervisory Board approved the new versions of the Terms and Conditions of Depository Operations and NSDs Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Rules (on 6 December 2013, both documents were approved by the Customer Committee/CSD Customer Committee). The new documents will be put in force as soon as NSD receives the Bank of Russias approval.

The new version of the Terms and Conditions of Depository Operations has been developed due to the recent changes in Russian law, in particular, to the clarified procedure of opening and maintaining the depository sub-accounts, the accounts of the nominees clients, broker accounts, as well as the procedure of paying yield on securities and associated taxes by NSD as a tax agent. In addition to that, the time for receipt of electronic orders was extended till 8pm.

The EDI Rules have been updated due to prohibition against use of the non-qualified certificates of the electronic signature verification keys issued for a legal entity without indicated name of its authorized representative. In the meantime, the new EDI strengthen the EDI Participants responsibility for the improper use of the qualified certificates of the keys issued for a legal entity without indicated name of the authorized representative.

The participants of the meeting also decided to extend until 1 February 2014 the expiration date of the Fees for Collateral Management Services and the Clearing Fees (both documents were approved by the Supervisory Boards decision on 14 December 2013).

On 27 December 2013, Tatyana Gello leaves the positions of Chief of Internal Control of NSD and CSD Controller. Since 28 December 2013, Yekaterina Maksimova is to hold these positions.

Veronika Vasilieva leaves the Customer Committee of NSD; she will be replaced by Vadim Protasenko, General Director, CJSC Computershare Registrar.

The Supervisory Board elected the new members of NSDs customer committees.

The Customer Committee for Quality Control and Risk Management now includes the following members:

Denis Kuznetsov, Chief of Depository, CJSC Sberbank CIB, the Chairman of the Committee
Valeriya Avksentyeva, General Director, OTKRITIE Broker House OJSC
Yekaterina Anisimova, Product Manager, Direct Custody & Clearing, CB J.P. Morgan Bank International (LLC)
Anna Antonova, Chief Economist of Financial Markets Section in the Marker Development and International Cooperation Division of the Financial Stability Department, Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)
Vladislav Vlasenko, Chief of Depository, MDM Bank
Vladimr Itunin, Deputy Chief of Depository, ALFA-BANK
Dmitry Ishutin, Deputy Chairman of Domestic Custody Services, Deutsche Bank LLC
Svetlana Kamasheva, Managing Director, JSC VTB Bank
Olga Petrova, Chief of Product Development Department, Securities Division, ZAO Citibank
Kirill Potapov, Deputy Chief of Depository Operations, VTB Specialized Depository
Nikolai Chemodurov, Head of Directorate for Analysis and Control of Depository Operations, Depository Center of Gazprombank (OJSC)
Alexei Chumakov, Operations Director, Brokercreditservice Company LLC
The Customer Committee for Settlement and Depository Services and Tariffs now includes the following members:

Dmitry Zaliznyak, Chief of Depository Services Development Department, CB J.P. Morgan Bank International (LLC), Chairman of the Committee
Vladislav Vlasenko, Chief of Depository, MDM Bank
Igor Zhelezny, Deputy Director of Depository, Sberbank
Anna Zubanova, Chief of Depository, JSC SEB Bank
Dmitry Ishutin, Deputy Chairman of Domestic Custody Services, Deutsche Bank LLC
Alexander Kondratyev, Chief of Depository, Renaissance Online LLC
Anatoly Lukashov, Chief Business Engineer, BKS Company LLC
Oksana Markova, Chief of Operations Development Unit, VTB Capital CJSC
Anatoly Matyukhin, Deputy Director of Department, Depository of ROSBANK (OJSC JSCB)
Yulia Umnova, Chief of Commercial Planning and Development Department, ZAO UniCredit Bank
Alexei Fedotov, Director, Head of Securities and Fund Services, ZAO Citibank
The Customer Committee for Registrar and Depository Relations now includes the following members:

Yuri Taranovsky, General Director, Reyestr OJSC, Chairman of the Committee
Rushaniya Barkhatova, Director, Novy Registrator CJSC
Yulia Burlakova, Deputy General Director, Director of Operations Department, Status CJSC
Yulia Davydova, Chief of Accounting and Control Department of the Depository, ROSBANK (OJSC JSCB)
Maria Dolgopolova, Chief of Registrar Maintenance and Depository Operations Department, INFINITUM Asset Services
Alexei Yechkalo, Chief of Depository Department, Metallinvestbank OJSC JSCB
Svetlana Kireyeva, Chief of Depository Operations and Corporate Actions Support Department, Renaissance Broker LLC
Dmitry Koloskov, Deputy General Director, JSC DRAGa
Elena Krivosheina, Deputy Chief of Depository Department of the Securities Unit, ZAO Citibank
Elena Makarova, Deputy Chief of Depository Services Department, Vnesheconombank Depository
Nadezhda Perekhodova, Deputy Chief of Department for Register Maintenance, First Specialized Depository CJSC
Konstantin Petrov, General Director, VTB Registrar CJSC
Kirill Potapov, Deputy Chief of Depository Operations Department, VTB Specialized Depository
Vadim Protasenko, General Director, Computershare Registrar CJSC
Alexander Tropanov, Deputy General Director responsible for legal issues, Professional Registration Center CJSC
Olga Chernyshova, Chief of Depository Center, GPB (OJSC)
Natalia Shtalenkova, Chief of Product Development Division, CB J.P. Morgan Bank International (LLC).