OREANDA-NEWS. December 20, 2013. A grand Shipment Ceremony for mining products under Sino Iron Project was convened in Pilbara Region of Western Australia.

As the largest magnetite mining and processing operation undertaken by Chinese enterprises in overseas region, this project is invested by China International Trust & Investment Corporation Group (CITIC Group), and the project implementation is carried out by MCC Group. Key participants at this event included: Guo Wenqing, President of MCC Group; Colin Barnett, Premier of Western Australia; Chang Zhenming, BOD Chairman of CITIC Group & Chairman of CITIC Pacific; Zhang Jijing, President of CITIC Pacific; Huang Qinguo, Chinese Consulate General in Perth; Huang Renguang, Minister-Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Australia; and Fan Jintian, Chairman of MCC Mining (West Australia) (Pty.) Ltd.

On behalf of MCC Group, President Guo Wenqing extended congratulation to the successful completion of the 1st Phase Sino Iron Project, as well as the shipment of concentrate fines on the first vessel. According to Guo, as the largest magnetite mining development works undertaken by Chinese enterprises in Australia, Sino Iron Project is featured by the advanced technical process, large scale, top-level equipment, which have enabled it to take a leading position among the steel mines in the world. During the construction period in the past nearly six years, both CITIC Group and MCC Group accumulated rich experiences in international engineering field, established a project management team which was not only good at technical matters but also familiar with the engineering environment in Australia, and thus laid a firm foundation for the continuous development in the future. He emphasized that, the completion of the 1st Phase Project was a major milestone for the overall project execution. Following the celebration for the phased achievements, the follow-up works will be commenced very soon.
Chang Zhenming, BOD Chairman of CITIC Group & Chairman of CITIC Pacific, mentioned that, the significance of the Sino Iron Project was highlighted because it created a successful example and new industrial field in magnetite development since all the other enterprises were engaged in exploitation of hematite in Australia.

Colin Barnett, Premier of Western Australia, delivered a speech at the ceremony. He spoke highly of Sino Iron Project, because it would greatly accelerate the iron mine development in Pilbara Region, and this had mark the confidence of Chinese enterprises extended to Western Australia.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia offered congratulation for this progress: “The shipment of the first vessel is a convincing proof that Chinese enterprises hold great confidence on Australia and the mining industry in Western Australia.”

The Sino Iron Project is the current largest magnetite mining in Australia. Up to now, two production lines have been put into operation, each with an annual design output capability of 4 million tons of powdered iron. After completion of all the six lines, the annual output capability under the Sino Iron Project is anticipated to be 24 million tons.