OREANDA-NEWS. NTT Software Corporation, Preferred Infrastructure, Inc., and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) joined forces to actively promote use of Jubatus, a realtime analysis processing platform for big data analysis-based business solutions, by launching the first fee-based support system for dealing with technical inquires relating to Jubatus.

Jubatus is a processing platform for realtime deep-analysis of flow-type big data jointly developed by NTT and PFI, and offered as open-source software in October 2011. The analytical capabilities of Jubatus, which could be used for customer clustering, fraud detection, social network communities analysis, and stock price prediction on web sites; product recommendations on EC sites; targeted and linked advertising on search sites, and a host of other applications are publicly available by its open-sourcing.

In light of the many inquiries from businesses interested in this technology and requests for consultation regarding commercial deployment, it was time that we launched a support system to address these demands.

NTT Software is proud to announce the rollout of an official support site on January 15, 2014 enabling businesses to fully exploit the power of Jubatus. The site explains Jubatus applications for using and analyzing big data, provides useful information regarding the deployment and system operation of Jubatus, addresses technical inquires, analyzes problems and faults, and more. NTT Software, PFI, and NTT are committed to support rapid growth of businesses by leveraging big data through the use of Jubatus.