OREANDA-NEWS. The Bank of Moscow signed an Agreement on cooperation with the Administration of Nizhniy Tagil.

The document was signed by President-Chairman of the Board Mikhail Kuzovlev on the part of the Bank of Moscow and the city mayor Sergey Nosov on the part of Nizhniy Tagil Administration.

The present agreement defines the main lines of cooperation between the bank and the city administration aimed at social and economic development of Nizhniy Tagil and the improvement of life quality of its citizens. The parties declared their intention to cooperate in the sphere of development and implementation of investment projects, supporting of innovative development of the industrial system and modernization of Nizhniy Tagil enterprises. One more important point of the Agreement is the decision to ensure conditions for expanding the availability of participation in municipal purchases for a large number of regional market participants, including small and medium enterprises of Nizhniy Tagil.

The signatories are also going to foster the development of the banking infrastructure and the implementation of modern banking technologies in the city.

"In 2013 the Bank of Moscow took an active part in the development and financing of modernization projects in the housing and utility sector, construction of socially important city facilities, the development of road infrastructure. Using our previous experience, we are ready to offer Nizhniy Tagil solutions aimed at positive changes in the life of the citizens", stated President-Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Moscow Mikhail Kuzovlev. "I am sure that the agreement will help to put into life first-priority social projects and the complex programme of Nizhniy Tagil development."