OREANDA-NEWS. March 27, 2014. The annual meeting of 2013 of Global Compact Network China was held in Beijing. 23 of “2013 Global Compact China Best Practices” were released during the meeting. The case of “Bike Sharing Program covered TISCO.

Low-carbon commute promoted ecological civilization” of TISCO was awarded the honorable title of “2013 Best practices in protection of natural environment of Global Compact Network China”, entered into the yearbook of 2013 Global Compact Network China and released to the world.
Mr. Wang Zhongyu, Chairman of China Enterprise Confederation, attended the meeting and made a speech. Mr. Georg Kell, Executive Director of UN Global Compact, sent the congratulatory video. About 150 representatives from the member companies and institutions of Global Compact Network China, the related companies and organizations devoted to CSR and sustainable development, the organs of United nations, and the media attended the meeting.
TISCO, located in Taiyuan city, is a typical urban steel plant. In these years, when promoting the greening of product and manufacturing, TISCO positively fulfils its social responsibility, accelerates to integrate into the society by treating the urban sewage, providing heat resources to the urban residents through the recovery of residual heat and reutilizing of urban waste. TISCO has become a demonstrator that a steel plant coexists harmoniously with the city.
In order to ease the traffic congestion and minimize the environmental pollution, Taiyuan started the Bike-sharing Program in 2012. TISCO positively answered the initiative and introduced the bike-sharing program into TISCO’s production area. Now 35 bike parking lots inside TISCO are built under the help of Taiyuan city. The parking lots inside and around TISCO can park more than 10 thousand bikes. According to statistics, the maximum bike rental frequency is 36.93 per bike per day and the average bike rental frequency is 19.03/per bike per day. The public bike has become the first choice for green and low carbon travel of the employees
TISCO joined the Global Compact in 2012, the case of “Green development brochures and activate green development culture” released in 2012 by TISCO was awarded the title of “2012 Global Compact China Best Practices”.